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National Directory to Combat Counterfeiting

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Five reasons not to buy a counterfeit product



Don´t be a victim!


Lower prices are very attractive to the consumer. The product looks like the real thing. The salesperson says it´s genuine or that it’s a perfect replica, just like the original, but with a lower price. The warranty offered usually ranges from one to three months. Don´t be a victim and don´t let them fool you! Cheap can be expensive and you might lose your money in search of a bargain. See five reasons not to buy a counterfeit product:



1. The counterfeit product is of poor-quality and is less durable than the real item.


Counterfeit products are of terrible quality and are much less durable than the original. The price difference is not worth it. In the end, cheap will be expensive, since the counterfeit product will not last as long as the original one. You are throwing away good money on a bad product because you are not getting an original, but a poor-quality replica.


2. Counterfeit products do not come with a warranty.


The consumer who buys a counterfeit product will not be able to complain to the manufacturer in case of defaults. There is no warranty, technical assistance, or possibility of exchanging the product or returning it for a refund.


3. Counterfeit products can harm the consumer´s health and security.


Counterfeit products may contain substances harmful to health. They don´t comply with technical standards and generally don´t have the same levels of embedded technology as the real products. Usually they´re manufactured in conditions that make the products inappropriate for safe and regular use.


4. Counterfeit products do not pay taxes and affect those who work honestly.

The sales of counterfeit products don´t include the collection of any taxes. Hence, the transactions don’t contribute to the development of the country and compete unfairly with the company which sells the real products and offers jobs to the population.


5. The purchase of counterfeit products supports organized crime and child and slave labor.


The sale of counterfeit products support international gangs that exploit children and use slaves labor, makes corruption easier and is associated with the other criminal activity. When a consumer buys a counterfeit product, he is cooperating with the growth of these gangs and contributing to the increase in corruption.








Don’t be a victim!
Say NO to counterfeiting!

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