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When you buy counterfeit products or pirated music, films or software your money

is funding organized crime around the world and helping to create a low risk,

high profit alternative to drug trafficking and other illegal businesses.

Fakers are criminals costing you and your community money, security, and even safety.

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 Five reasons not to buy a counterfeit product

Don´t be a victim!


Cheap can be expensive and you might lose your money in a short time.


BPG participated last 11st,12nd and13th of February in the Seminar "Practices and Strategies in Combating Piracy. The Comparative Experience: São Paulo X EUA. The event aimed at the exchange of experiences between authorities of both countries and representatives of br...


Major chains, online retailers and the National Secretariat of the Consumer met to discuss changes in responsibility for the sale of counterfeit or illegal items by marketplaces.

The government is beginning to harden the rules that guide the activity of “marketplaces” i...

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Among the seized material, Federal Revenue inspectors found footwear, clothing and eyewear bearing luxury brands, as well as electronics and accessories.

The Federal Revenue intercepted at the Port of Santos, on the coast of São Paulo, a container containing 21.6 tons o...


According to the Federal Revenue, goods were from China and were found out the Port of Santos. Among the products, there were sneakers, T-shirts, bags and wallets.

The Federal Revenue seized 22 tons of counterfeit products stored in a 40-foot container in the Port...

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Bill toughens punishment for smuggling

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What’s wrong with buying counterfeit goods? Way more than you think.

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