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When you buy counterfeit products or pirated music, films or software your money

is funding organized crime around the world and helping to create a low risk,

high profit alternative to drug trafficking and other illegal businesses.

Fakers are criminals costing you and your community money, security, and even safety.

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 Five reasons not to buy a counterfeit product

Don´t be a victim!


Cheap can be expensive and you might lose your money in a short time.


The government wants to inhibit the sale of counterfeit products over the Internet in Brazil seeking to avoid risks to the health and safety of consumers.

For this reason companies that run internet sales platforms may have to go through changes to fit the new rule...


A meeting to discuss strategies for combating cross-border crime, such as smuggling, counterfeiting and traffic, brought together around 180 representatives from different agencies and public security from around the country on December 17-18.

BPG participated with an i...

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Among the found items, are buttons, embossed metallic letters, as well as labels.

A warehouse was located in Goiânia, where metallic items were manufactured for counterfeiting brands of local companies and also national well-known brands. Delegates Gylson Mariano, from...


In the midst of Christmas gift shopping, the State Department of Criminal Investigation (DEIC) yesterday seized 12,700 counterfeit products from stores on Rua da Juta in downtown Brás - considered one of the most popular place for shopping during the end of the year. S...

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Seminars and Training

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 Dates and locations events

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Bill toughens punishment for smuggling

Ethics for Youth

The Unreal Campaign is INTA’s public awareness initiative.

Meet the organization: Lo falso te queda Mal

Contraband in Brazil: Impact and Solutions

What’s wrong with buying counterfeit goods? Way more than you think.

Porta dos Fundos Group - The criticism through comedy...

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24/01/2020 - PRF apreende carreta com carga de cigarros avaliada em R$ 2 milhões em Marechal Cândido Rondon


23/01/2020 - Receita Federal apreende Fiesta carregado com narguile, celulares, bebidas e suplementos


23/01/2020 - Levantamento aponta Sorocaba na rota do contrabando de cigarros


23/01/2020 - Dois carros abarrotados de cigarros são apreendidos no Bairro Universitário


23/01/2020 - Dois são presos suspeitos de transportar e comercializar cigarros contrabandeados do Paraguai


23/01/2020 - Primeira operação de combate à pirataria do ano apreende 154 réplicas de óculos na capital


23/01/2020 - Ônibus carregado de contrabando é apreendido em Açailândia


23/01/2020 - Polícia Rodoviária apreende eletrônicos contrabandeados em Assis


22/01/2020 - BPFron apreende produtos de contrabando durante abordagem a ônibus em Cascavel


22/01/2020 - PM apreende veículo carregado com contrabando


22/01/2020 - PM apreende carga de cigarro avaliada em R$ 630 mil


22/01/2020 - Três motos com mercadorias em fundos falsos são apreendidas na Ponte Internacional da Amizade


21/01/2020 - Apreensões de contrabando somam R$ 3,25 bilhões em 2019 e batem recorde, diz Receita


21/01/2020 - PRE apreende carga de cigarros contrabandeados na PR-455, em Cambé


21/01/2020 - Caminhões com cigarros são encontrados em galpão em Sorocaba


21/01/2020 - PRF apreende carro com mais de mil maços de cigarros contrabandeados na BR-163


21/01/2020 - BPFron apreende veículo carregado com pneus contrabandeados em Foz do Iguaçu

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