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Porta do Fundos - A crítica por meio da comédia .

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National Directory to Combat Counterfeiting

Porta dos Fundos Group - The criticism through comedy...

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Understand why fakes cost more! Understand why fakes cost more!


Luxury goods, clothing, footwear, glasses among other product of famous brands are not the only

targets of counterfeiting  anymore.


Today, counterfeiters are producing fake foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cell phones, software,

car brakes and everyday household products such as shampoo and body lotion.


You are at risk from these unsafe and ineffective products. Counterfeit medicines and toys could have harmful effects on your family’s health and safety. Counterfeit CDs and unauthorized software downloads can crash your computer, enable hackers to get access to your personal information and destroy your files and photos.

And do you really want to risk eating soy sauce made from hair or brushing your teeth with tooth paste containing lethal antifreeze?


Knockoffs might seem cheaper at first but they will cost you more in the end! Millions of fake products are being produced and shipped to world markets at increasingly alarming rates. Copyright pirates have created multi-million dollar criminal networks to facilitate the trade in copies of music, movies, games and software. Governments, businesses and societies are being robbed of hundreds of billions in taxes, sales and jobs.


Instead of supporting your community’s livelihood, the money you spend on fake goods goes to organized crime, terrorists, and factories that may use child labor. In short, counterfeiters are criminals costing you and your community money and security. It’s up to you as a Consumer to put fakers out of business.


Stop buying counterfeit products! BUY REAL. Because fake products have real costs.

Governments and law enforcement agencies worldwide work hard to stop counterfeiters from producing and selling fakes and pirated products. But it’s up to you to put the counterfeiters out of business. Stop buying fakes. BUY REAL. Because fake products have real

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