Municipal Secretariat of Urban Security seals warehouse with products seized in operations of piracy

The 65.388 sealed bags are available to the Justice which will decide its destination. This Wednesday afternoon (May 15th), the Municipal Secretariat of Urban Security sealed the warehouse which stocks products seized in operations of piracy combat coordinated by the Security Integrated Management Office of São Paulo City Hall, in the previous administration. The purpose of the action, started in March 12th, was to make an inventory of all seizures held between December/2010 and December/2012. The 65.388 sealed bags of seized irregular products are available to the Justice which will decide its destiny. The products stocked in two warehouses are now at only one. They were separated by operations. The action of sealing the warehouse was followed up by the Municipal Adjunct Secretary of Urban Security, Marcus Vinicius Monteiro dos Santos, who inspected the place, with the General Inspector of the Municipal Police, Eduardo Betenjane Romano, the Coordinator of the Integrated Management Office, Angélica Molina, the North Operational Commander, Inspector Dorival Perbone, and the Commander of the action, Inspector Ewander Simão de Almeida. The Commander of the action presented the adopted measures to maintain the warehouse security, as the walling of the access and installation of cameras to monitor the security of the external and internal area, during 24 hours, by the Video-monitoring Central of the Municipal Police. There will also be Municipal Police watching over. Source: SMSU Press Office Image credits: Guty SMSU


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