Luxury goods were seized and passengers arrested at the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro – Ga

RFB's Customs-Accompanied Luggage Conference Service at Rio de Janeiro / Galeão International Airport seized more than 60kg of clothing, perfumes, watches and cell phones in the luggage of three travelers from the United States. The goods seized are Invicta, Apple, Samsung, Diesel, Lacoste, among others, and were valued at R $ 100 thousand. Curious is that, in addition to what was packed in the suitcases, much of the seized material was hidden in the socks and briefs of the passengers. This fact was discovered from the passage of passengers through the metal detector porch, by determination of customs inspection. The goods were seized for revealing commercial destination and was given imprisonment to the passengers, due to the conduct of concealment of the goods in underwear. They were sent to the Federal Police's jail to initiate the police investigation into the crime of smuggling and misconduct. Source: Operações Fronteira Blindada