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Thousands of suspected counterfeit goods are seized in Caruaru

Crime Against Immaterial Property Police Station of Pernambuco - DEPRIM, under the command of the designated delegate Mr. Germano Cunha, proceeded with different Piracy Combat Operations, between November 20 and 27, in CARUARU city, in the arid zone of Pernambuco state. They seized 66 thousand products suspected to be counterfeit, with estimated value of R$ 2.000.000,00 (Two millions). Seized products included sunglasses, tennis shoes, bags and clothing articles, that will be submitted to an expert for report. Owners of the inspected stores will have clarify the situation before to the Piracy Combat Police Station and they can be prosecuted for crimes against industrial property, consumer relations, public health,

commerce fraud and qualified reception.

Source: G1

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