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Civil Police from Rio de Janeiro performs mega operation to prevent the sales of counterfeit product

In a mega operation called “Rio against Piracy”, the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro seized more than 25 thousand counterfeit products between December 1st and 3rd. The operation assemble 180 Police Delegates, 300 police cars and over 1.000 agents. The coordination of the operation was in charge of the Police Station of Suppression of Crimes Against Immaterial Property (DRCPIM), under the command of the Delegate Mrs. Valéria Aragão. One of the main points of distribution and sales of counterfeit products in the State is Mercado Popular de Uruguaiana, that was closed for the accomplishment of the operation.

It is estimated that products worth over R$ 1 million reais were seized, mainly tennis shoes and clothing articles. A total of 113 people were prosecuted. The merchandise will be inspected and stay under the Civil Police´s responsibility until their destruction is authorized. Link of the main news of the operation:



Governo do Rio de Janeiro

Policia Civil RJ

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