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National Day for Smuggling Combat - March 3rd

On March 3rd last a national mobilization in favor of broadening of the Combat of Smuggling in the country happened in Brasília/DF. With the cooperation of representatives from the most different sectors, the acts happened in Brasílis/DF and in other capitals. At the ocasion, BPG was represented by its Executive Secretary, Mr. Fernando Costa.

The initiative came from Instituto Brasileiro de Ética Concorrencial (ETCO) and Fórum Nacional Contra a Pirataria e a Ilegalidade (FNCP), in partnership with over 20 companies and institutions.

Billions of reais in taxes are not being paid annually due to the entrance of illegal products in Brazil. FNCP believes that the country loses over R$ 100 billions with smuggling, considering tax evasion and sector losses.

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