DRCPIM closes the popular market of Uruguaiana in action to combat piracy

Police officers of the Police Station for the Repression of Crimes Against Immaterial Property (DRCPIM) started, between 07 and 13 de July, the Jerichó Operation, in the popular market of Uruguaiana, in downtown Rio, aimed at monitoring the sale of pirated products. According to the delegate Valéria Aragão, head of specialized, during investigations of DRCPIM were issued search and seizure warrants for the Judicial Court's [5ª Vara Empresarial do Tribunal de Justiça] of 1100 boxes of the popular market. The action was supported by the Municipal Department of Public Order (SMOP) and multiple offices of piracy combat of companies that holds a trademark, as well as agents and bailiffs.It is estimated that more than three tons of seized products that should undergo an expert inspection to find out if they are pirated, smuggled or stolen. Agents of the DRCPIM and the Municipal Department of Public Order (Seop) conducted a survey of the vendors who traded pirated products in the local. The aim is to exclude from registration who was working illegally in the popular market.Camelódromo.

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