PCPE’s station responsible for Crimes Against intangible Property is acknowledged nationally.

The team of the Station responsible for Crimes Against Intangible Property (DEPRIM) of Civil Police of Pernambuco and whose holder is Delegate Germano Cunha Bezerra, is once again a National standout.

The awards occurred between participations in early September, in the Symposium on Traditional and Online Piracy (Rio de Janeiro) and the Seminar on Combat to Notorious Markets and Violations of Intellectual Property Rights (Porto Alegre), where in addition to being the speaker, the DEPRIM/PE staff represented by Delegate Germano Bezerra received two awards, one from the American Embassy (US. Department of Homeland Security) and the other from the Brand Protection Group (BPG). “We have a cohesive team, however, formed by professionals who dedicate day and night, in an ethical and legal way, to the intense mission of fighting piracy all over the State of Pernambuco", the delegate celebrated.

In the last three years and six months of activity, the Specialized Task Force presents numbers that speak for themselves. There were more than 1,300,000 .00 (one million and three hundred thousand) counterfeit goods removed from the market, which leads to an estimate of more than R$ 26,000,000.00 (26 million reais) in seized products. In addition to this, in the same period, 56 criminals were arrested and more than 72 tons in fake products were destroyed. These facts reflect the quality and good performance of the DEPRIM/PE and the Civil Police of Pernambuco with prominent works of fighting piracy on the national scenario.

In addition to the cited awards, last August the Station responsible for Crimes Against Intangible Property was acknowledged and awarded during the National Anti-piracy Forum, held at the Integrated Academy of Social Defense of Pernambuco, where the APROVA (Brazilian Association of Automatic Reproduction of Audio, Video and Similar) also granted another honor to the team.

Source and image credits: Civil Police of Pernambuco