BPG participates in the 8th edition of the Tríplice Border Seminar.

On October 22nd, BPG took part on the VIII Tríplice Border Seminar provided by the National Forum against Piracy (FNCP), with support from the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service.

The Seminar was composed of an opening conference and two panels. The two panels discussed the subject matter “The meaning of institutional interaction in defense of national interests” and “The border measures in the fight against illegality in the Cable TV industry”. Several public authorities from agencies related to inspection and repression in Brazil, including representatives from the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Police, Federal Highway Patrol, members of the Department of Public Prosecution and the Judicial Branch, participated in the discussions. Among other topics, proposals for strategic and integrated measures in the Tríplice Border area were discussed. In addition, a cooperation agreement between the Internal Revenue Service and the ABTA (Brazilian Pay TV / Telecom Association) was signed with the aim to accelerate the destruction process of illegal equipment, derived from seizures.