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BPG participates in the National Day to Fight Counterfeiting at OAB SP

The CNCP (National Board to Fight counterfeiting against Intellectual Property), with the OAB SP (Brazilian Lawyers Board) Fight Committee against counterfeiting, held December 3rd at the OAB SP headquarter an event to celebrate the National Day to fight counterfeiting, that this year completes its 10th anniversary.

With support from FNCP, ETCO and ICI, the schedule included a CNCP meeting, a seminar about the challenges in the fight against counterfeiting, and an exhibit of counterfeit products in the OAB SP VIP room (Praça da Sé, 385, 1st floor), that will continue until December 18th. BPG was at the event and is participating of the exhibit with counterfeit products from its members and flyers from the campaign "CINCO RAZÕES PARA NÃO COMPRAR UM PRODUTO FALSIFICADO” or “FIVE REASONS NOT TO BUY A COUNTEREFEIT PRODUCT”, which are being distributed.

Photos: Grupo de Proteção à Marca

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