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IRS seized R$ 1, 5 billion in goods in 2015

The seizures carried out by the IRS from January to October this year, reached R$ 1, 5 billion. These are the result of intensification in the fight against smuggling and embezzlement. The stock of the abandoned goods given to the IRS, or confiscated, under the IRS responsibility, sums R$ 2, 7 billion at the end of October. Since they want to rapidly empty the warehouses, throughout this week, the XVI National Effort to destroy Seized goods is being held. It will be destroyed about 3200 tons of goods, which is equivalent to approximately R$ 370 million in tax assessments, this is the higher destruction among the 16 task forces that have occurred until now. The products include counterfeit CDs and DVDs, beverages, cosmetics, medications, and food improper for consumption, counterfeit products ( toys, batteries, lighters, watches), among other products rejected for not meeting the Public Health Department regulations or the Department of Agriculture. In addition to destruction, another sustainable possibility that has been adopted by the IRS is the auction of goods aimed at corporations. In this case, according to the legislation and in each auction announcement, it is up to the bidder to provide the destruction of the auctioned goods, with a follow-up by the committee IRS agents and compliance with environmental standards.

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