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The Internal Revenue Service seizes containers with goods at the Port of Itajaí.

The IRS seized 40 tons of counterfeit goods allegedly from China at the Port of Itajaí, Santa Catarina. Products include sunglasses, clothing, sporting goods and watches. The load estimated value exceeds R$ 15 million. After the procedural formalities the goods will be sent for destruction, according to the Revenue.

Only in the last ten days, three other containers were retained by Customs Itajaí with over 60 tons of counterfeit goods with an estimated value greater than R$ 25 million.

Identifying the irregularities was only possible after a procedure of Customs Risk Analysis executed by the Internal Revenue Service Customs on site. “After monitoring the loads before landing, the team of the Surveillance Section and Repression (Savig) from Itajaí Customs made an approach at the Navegantes terminal, which resulted in a seizure of the goods for subsequent physical verification of the volumes and drafting of the infringement notices to apply the penalty of property loss," the Revenue. Read more : Agência Brasil

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