The IRS seizes 3 trucks loaded with products at Avenida Paulista

​The IRS seized counterfeit products and goods without invoice in a popular shopping at Avenida Paulista, in São Paulo.

The amount of products seized – mostly tennis shoes, bags, and luggage, in addition to electronics – was enough to load three trucks.

The operation was carried out yesterday (February 1st) by the Unit against Smuggling and Embezzlement (Direp), from the 8th Fiscal Area, along with the Federal Police. The activities lasted about 7 hours. During the actions, the police found out an irregular warehouse that operated in the Mall parking lot.

After notice of infraction, it will be done tax representation for criminal purposes. The operation called attention of the media, Band, CBN and SBT. Photo: Receita Federal Read more: Receita Federal do Brasil