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National Day to Combat Smuggling

Last Thursday, March 3rd 2016, BPG participated in the event organized by the organization ETCO (Institute for Ethical Competition) and FNCP (National Forum to combat counterfeiting and Illegality), to highlight the National Day to Combat Smuggling.

The event featured speeches by Augusto Nardes, Minister of TCU, Congressman Efraim Filho, President of the Mixed Parliamentary Group and combat against smuggling, Senator Ana Amélia Lemos, Evandro Guimarães, President of ETCO, Edson Vismona, President of FNCP and representatives of the IDESF (Institute of Border Development) and AJUFE (Association of Federal Judges). The lectures emphasized the damage that smuggling causes the country, estimated at more than R$ 115 billion a year in lost sales and tax evasion. The events during this day were widely reported in the press, for example the news on the Globo Network.


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