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DRCPIM - RJ seized counterfeit cell phones

Police officers of the Police Station for the Repression of Crimes Against Immaterial Property (DRCPIM) carried out last March 4th a seizure operation at the Mercado Popular da Uruguaiana, Rio de Janeiro, with the objective to stop sales of counterfeit products, especially after the JERICHO operation in 07/07/15.

They took into custody 3 men responsible to sell counterfeit cell phones, JULIO CESAR OLIVEIRA DE LIMA (33 years old), CARLOS ALBERTO MOURA PAULA (40 years old) and REGIS ALVES DE JESUS (18 years old), charged with possession of stolen goods. The men had reproductions of smart phones APPLE Iphone 5S and LG G3.

They also took into custody, JOSÉ CLAUDEMIR MORAES DA SILVA, known as COCA, the main supplier of counterfeit phones. He has 100 fake cell phones that would be sold and distributed to vendors. The police found 4 bags hidden by COCA that contained IPHONE 6; XPERIA Z4 and Z5 from SONY (latest model); G4 from LG (new release), and the Galaxy S6 from SAMSUNG (also new model).

Photo: Policia Civil/DRCPIM-RJ

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