Federal Highway Police and Customs seize counterfeit products in Guaicurus - MS after BPG training

BPG is proud to announce a seizure operation in Guaicurus – MS, a result of a recent training in Corumbá – MS. The Federal Highway Police wrote that this seizure was a result of the training and it happened soon after it.

Smugglers are bringing counterfeit products in Brazil to be sold in Bolivia. Brazil already sells industrialized products without taxes for import products. With counterfeiting, irregular business aim to make more money with piracy and counterfeit products in the market.

The Highway Police seized 1.017 pairs of tennis shoes at Guaicurus, about 30 km from Miranda, on the BR-262. The driver of the car DMN-8295, from Corumbá / MS, confessed that the shoes were smuggled and they would cross the Brazilian border.

According to Hermano Toscano, Customs officer, who participated of this operation with the Federal Highway Police, the goods came from Nova Serrana, Minas Gerais. “it is a center for counterfeiting, the products would go to Bolivia, but some would stay in Brazil as well”.

Customs now investigate the possibility that local businesses are involved in this type of crime. They also want to know the amount of products that arrived here at the Border, and if there are still more merchandise to come. The smuggling penalty is from 1 to 4 years in jail. The driver was arrested but his name was not disclosed. Photo: Federal Highway Police/Customs Read more.