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BPG participated in the training at the Center for Scientific Inspection in Belem.

We would like to inform you that BPG participated in the event held on March 15th by the Center for Scientific Inspection "Renato Chaves" in Belem, in partnership with FNCP. The training against counterfeiting was aimed at the criminal experts and public servants from other agencies such as Customs, Federal Police, Federal Highway Police and City Council of Economy (Secon), besides others interested in increasing their expertise in fighting and recognizing counterfeiting and its negative effects.

The event had the objective to present the current situation of counterfeiting in Brazil, as well as to train the officers to combat trade of counterfeit products, sharing specific and practical information about the electronics, computers, glasses, watchers, cell phones, clothing, personal hygiene products and medication segments.

The speakers were the members: IBL, BPG, IMEPPI-IPC, Ápice, ABIHPEC and Interfarma.

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