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Federal Highway Police and Customs seize counterfeit products in Vargem

Two men are arrested with counterfeit tennis shoes at Fernão Dias.The Police say that the goods were going to free markets in the capital.The products did not have a receipt and they will have to answer for tax evasion.

A truck loaded with 3 thousand pairs of counterfeit tennis shoes was seized Wednesday 16th at highway Fernão Dias, in Vargem (SP). The arrest happened at a joint operation with the Federal Highway Police and Customs to seize illegal cargoes. Two men were arrested.

According to the police, the vehicle that transported the goods came from Nova Serrana (MG) e was destined for Sao Paulo. The merchandise did not have receipt.They suspect that the products would be sold in popular Bras and 25 de Março street stores, an area of popular trade in the metropolis. The driver of the truck and the helper will answer for tax evasion.


In addition to footwear, the operation found 4 other illegal cargoes of water and 2 of construction materials both without receipt.Also a man was arrested carrying in a bus 1,5 thousand pirated CDs.This operation started on Tuesday 15th and was supposed to continue on Wednesday all day. Photo: Federal Highway Police/Customs Photo: PRF/Receita Federal Read More.

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