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BPG performed training at the Police Station against Crimes of Immaterial Property in Rio de Janeiro

BPG carried out training about how to identify counterfeit products in DRCPIM – RJ in April 27th (Police Station against Crimes of Immaterial Property) and represented our members and its respective products. The training had about 30 attendees.

The DRCPIM, under the management of Dra. Valéria de Aragão Sadio, is performing an excellent job in fighting against counterfeiting in Rio de Janeiro. A few months away from the 2016 Olympics, the work of this specialized agency is of vital importance in the fight against counterfeiting in a time where the city will receive millions of visitors from all over the world.

The training was organized by BPG in partnership with ABRABE (Brazilian Association of beverages), which presented a training about counterfeit alcoholic beverages. Besides the officers from DRCPIM, this event included officers from DECOM – RJ (Police Station specialized in crimes against consumers).

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