Customs closes a mall in an extensive operation against counterfeiting in Brás, São Paulo

A popular mall was closed in the Brás neighborhood, in São Paulo, Monday 30th, during an operation against counterfeiting and piracy carried out by Brazilian Customs. Until this moment, no arrests were made.

The officers arrived at the location around 6h00am to start the inspection. They seized several goods suspected of being counterfeit or that were brought into the country irregularly.

About 400 boxes will be inspected by Customs until next Friday 3rd “We were able to collect a huge number of boxes with suspicious products that were being sold in large amounts, what makes relevant to plan specifically this place”, said Alan Towersey, Customs Tax auditor.

The merchants can prove the legality of the products seized. “People can already come and present the proper documentation. Everyone will be summoned to GO the Customs warehouse, present the documentation, and accordingly, the goods may be released”, explains Towersey.

They estimate to collect three thousand bags of goods with suspicious origin. The value of the products to be collected by Friday should reach R$ 40 million. Photo: G1 Read more