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Operation fights smuggling and illegal immigration in Vitória

Stores in downtown Vitória and Vila Rubim were the target of Operation Huo Shan, which fights illegal immigration, smuggling and illegal trade of goods. At least 12 shops were inspected, on Tuesday morning on June 28th in a joint action of the Federal Police, the Department of Finance and the Department of Public Safety in Espírito Santo.

​ The stores inspected sell imported and domestic products. One of the stores was sealed by the customs auditor.

According to Customs, the objective of the operation is to inspect if the importation of these products is legal, compliance with intellectual property law (copyright) and regular payment of taxes.

​ The agency of monitoring and customs control (Sevig) from Customs in Vitória carried out a previous investigation about the companies and the owners, with evidence pointing to smuggling crimes, embezzlement (loss), tax evasion and counterfeiting, among others.

​ The goods found with alleged irregularities were seized by Customs and the owners will be notified to submit documents proving the payment of taxes.

​ If the evidence is not provided, the products are subject to the application of confiscation.

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