BPG carries out training at ACIC, in Cascavel / PR

Last July 22nd, BPG carried out training about identifying counterfeit products invited by SINCLAPOL (Union of Civil Police in the State of Paraná) at ACIC (Cascavel Commercial and Industrial Association).

This training was carried out with ABRABE and had about 100 participants from several different areas, such as Customs, Health Surveillance agency, PROCON (Bureau of Consumer Protection), Federal Highway Police, Military and Civil Police Departments, Department of Fraud, Border Environmental Police, and others from the cities of Cascavel, Foz do Iguaçu, and Toledo.

The training was recorded by the local press, and Record, a Brazilian Television Network, and counted with magazines and other press as well. Our lawyer Pedro Formaggio, who represented BPG and ABRABE provided the presentations, was also interviewed.

The event will feature on the next issue of the magazine “ACIC”.