1,5 tons of counterfeit products are seized at Dutra, in Itatiaia

The Operation Barreira Olímpica seized more than 1,5 tons of irregular products between Wednesday and Thursday (27th and 28th), at the Nhangapi station, on the via Dutra section that crosses Itatiaia – at the South of Rio de Janeiro. Among the goods seized, there were perfumes, tennis shoes, and clothes without receipts, collected during inspections in cars, and cargo trucks.

​ The products were located through a movable scanner of about 5 meters high, which performs an X-Ray in the vehicles.

The equipment started to be used on Wednesday (27th ). According to the State Secretariat, the objective of the device is to enhance public safety during the Rio 2016 Olympics and help combat criminal acts.

"This project is a continuation of the work we have been doing with Customs and will strengthen the integration between the state and federal governments ", explained the vice undersecretary of Rio de Janeiro Inspection, Rafael Ferraresso.

Besides counterfeit and irregular products, the use of the scanner aims to seize drugs and weapons. It is sophisticated equipment, with a high investment to protect the state border.

​ "This station [Nhangapi] is the biggest inspection station in the state of Rio de Janeiro. On average, 6 thousand trucks pass this road per day, with peak of cargoes. With Customs and the scanner, we will not only stop trucks, but also, buses and cars” said the undersecretary of Special Projects of Rio de Janeiro, Reynaldo Braga. According to the Customs Regional Management, the idea is to continue using the scanner after the Rio 2016 Olympics.

​ The operation Barreira Olímpica, it is a joint operation with the Brazilian Customs, the State Secretariat of Finance (Sefaz) and State Secretariat of Government (Segov).

​ Photo: Divulgação A Voz da Cidade

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