The Highways Federal Police seizes more than 1.000 sunglasses and 275 counterfeit watches

The Highway Federal Police (HFP) seized on the morning of September 14th, approximately 1.000 sunglasses and 275 counterfeit watches from smuggling. This happened on the BR 174, around 9am, at the HFP inspection unit on the border of Brasil and Venezuela in Pacaraima.

During the routine inspection, the police approached a vehicle Fiat/Weco with plates and the driver being from Venezuela. Upon search, they found 43 boxes of sunglasses with 12 pieces in each, and another random 516 sunglasses and 275 watches from several brands. In less than a month, this has been the HFP second seizure of counterfeit sunglasses.

Due to the fact that the products are supposedly counterfeit and smuggling from the neighboring country, the car was seized and delivered to Customs as well as all the products, so that the Brazilian customs take appropriate actions.