BPG carries out a Seminar to the Recife Police

Last September 15th, BPG carried out a seminar about how to identify trademark counterfeiting to police officers from Recife. The event took place at SINPOL headquarters – Union of Pernambuco Civil Police and counted with about 70 officers from the Civil Police, Military Police, Federal Highway, local Guard, and Army. Other participants included Chiefs of the Civil Police from a variety of police stations, among them, Germano Cunha Bezerra, from the Police Station against Crimes of Immaterial Property in Pernambuco – DEPRIM-PE, who talked about the detriments of counterfeiting. During that time, Dr. Germano Bezerra was honored by the President of BPG, Newton Vieira Junior, receiving a shoe made of bronze designed by Nike associated, in recognition of his outstanding work in fighting against counterfeiting in the state of Pernambuco, since becoming the leader of DEPRIM.