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Operation 'Agreste Limpo' seizes R$ 1,9 million in counterfeit products

A total of 98.966 counterfeit products worth R$ 1.997.992 were seized in the Operation Agreste Limpo, in Pernambuco. This action from the Federal Police started on July 18th of this year and ended on Monday 8th. The results were announced on the morning of Friday 12th.

According to the Civil Police Press Office, 76 investigations for crimes against Industrial Property were filed, business fraud, crime against consumer relationship, receiving stolen goods and copyright violation. The seized products were: pirated DVDs, CDs, shoes, T-shirts, shorts, caps, bracelets and handbags.

This operation took place in Caruaru, Bezerros, Santa Cruz do Capibaribe,Toritama and Gravatá.The press office also informed that Caruaru had the highest number of seizures: 299.943. In Bezerros, Gravatá and Toritama they seized 28.920, 26.808 and 1.900, respectively. Santa Cruz do Capibaribe had 11.425 seizures.

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