Half a ton of counterfeit goods are seized in Oiapoque, AP

Reprodução/ Rede Amazônica no Amapá

As a result of an inspection by Customs in Oiapoque, 590 kilometers from Macapá, half a ton of counterfeit products were seized. The items would also be the result of smuggling when they entered the country without declaration and payment of taxes.

According to the Customs auditor Alan Sullivan, the operation aims to fight these illegal products and possible tax evasion in border around the country, as is the case of Oiapoque in Amapá, which borders Saint-Georges in French Guiana.

"They are products that use internationally well-known brands, but have suspicious manufacture. Here, the Customs team, based on complaints, inspections and seizes goods that entered the country irregularly," explained Sulliivan.

During the operation, several types of products were seized, such as footwear, clothing, toys and electronics. In total, nine volumes with 60 kilos each were seized.

The action, coordinated by Customs, had support of the Military Police (PM) to monitor the businessman who wanted to close the establishments during the inspection operation.

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