Police seizes truck with more than R$400,000 in counterfeit beverages

A truck with counterfeit beverages valued at approximately R$ 450,000 was seized by the Highway Police on Tuesday (31st), on the Castello Branco highway (SP-280), in Boituva (SP).

After the seizure, the police discovered a clandestine scheme in which labels for cheap beers were replaced by others of more expensive brands in a shed in the Distrito Industrial neighborhood.

According to the police, while a team patrolled the road they approached the driver of the truck, which was going from the countryside to the capital. During the approach, the cops found 500 boxes with beverages and discovered that the labels were counterfeit. When questioned, the 34-year-old driver confessed that he would receive R$ 1,000 to take the load to São Paulo.

The officers went to the warehouse where the counterfeiting took place and they found materials that were used to counterfeit the brands of beers and other beverages.

Cops found that cheap drink labels and caps were replaced by well-known brands. They believe that the beverages came from Paraná, were counterfeited in Boituva and sold in São Paulo.

The driver was held and sent to the police station, where he was charged with fraud. He was released and will wait for trial at home. The owner of the warehouse was not found. The Civil Police went to the warehouse on Wednesday (1st) and found 50,000 thousand counterfeit items. The police will continue to investigate this case.

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