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Customs seizes R$ 2.5 million in Mercurio Operation

Customs carried out yesterday, February 16th, a joint operation with the Goiás Treasury Department, Civil Police and Military Police at the Campinas Camelódromo in Goiânia / GO.

The objective of Mercúrio operation was to fight embezzlement and smuggling of electronics. During the inspection in the nine pre-selected establishments, the police seized 81 volumes of foreign goods that showed signs of irregulates during import.

The products seized include mobile phones, tablets, headphones, pen drives, speakers and accessories for cell phones. The estimated value of the seizure is R$2.5 million.

If companies do not provide proof of regular importation, the penalty is confiscation and those responsible may be charged criminally.

The name of the operation refers to the Roman mythology. Mercurio / Mercury (associated with the Greek God Hermes) is a messenger and God of sale, profit and trade. Its name is related to the Latin word merx ("merchandise" compared to merchant, trade).

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