Customs seizes 120 tons of irregular merchandise in SP

Divulgação : Receita Federal

UA Customs operation seized 120 tons of irregular merchandise estimated at R$ 15 million. The Depósito Fantasma operation was carried out between February 20th and March 3rd in the city of São Paulo. Nobody was arrested. There are various types of clothing, handbags, shoes, glasses, toys and electronic items among the items seized. The operation focused on two self-storages (places used to store furniture or other personal items) that were also used to store irregular goods, result of smuggling or embezzlement. In the establishments inspected, Customs located products stored on behalf of third parties. The taxpayers were seen at the place and presented documentation to prove the origin of the goods. They seized goods with evidence of fraud, counterfeiting and embezzlement. The products were sent to a Customs warehouse.

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