Customs operations seizes 150 thousand pair of shoes in Bras

Fábio Pozzebom/ABr/Agência Brasil)

São Paulo – Customs seized on Tuesday 25th, 150 thousand shoes estimated in R$ 8,5 million, in the Brás area, in São Paulo.

The operation, which is called Pseudópodes, reached eight stores and warehouses. The merchandise did not have documentation to prove its legality, and presented evidence of adulteration.

The name of the operation, pseudópodes, comes from the Greek and it means fake feet.

It is used in biology and refers to structures used for locomotion and feeding of protozoa and leukocytes, according to Customs PR officer.

This Customs operation occurred in partnership with the Municipal Department of Urban Security / Metropolitan Civil Guard of São Paulo and spread throughout the Brás neighborhood, a popular business area in the city of São Paulo.

In addition, three vehicles with clothing items were seized.

This operation had participation of five tax auditors and seven tax analysts. The suspects could be found guilty of smuggling, punished with two to five years in prison.

The removal of the products should start Wednesday, 26th. The Metropolitan Civil Guard of São Paulo will guard the place at night.

The shoes will be sent to a Customs warehouse and eventually destroyed.

According to a Customs warning, "counterfeit footwear can be harmful to the population since toxic materials are used in their manufacture, as well as inadequate padding, which may cause orthopedic injuries."

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