Operation seizes 30 ton of irregular products at the Customs station in Itatiaia

About 30 tons of irregular products were seized during an operation at the Nhangapi Customs Station in Itatiaia, in the south of Rio de Janeiro. The action lasted 24 hours. It began on Tuesday (9th ) and it ended on the morning of Wednesday (10th ).

According to the officers, 20 tons of merchandise without invoice and 10 tons of counterfeit merchandise were seized. The team said that 80% of the confiscated material is clothing and the rest are toys, bags and electronics. All the material was taken to the headquarters of the Rio de Janeiro Customs.

Among the vehicles inspected were cars, cargo trucks and, mainly, tour buses that go to Brás, a major commercial center in the central region of São Paulo. A total of 14 cars were charged.

The operation had the participation of more than 60 officers from the Customs, Barreira Fiscal, the Federal Highway Police (PRF) and the National Agency for Land Transport

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