Two containers with tons of smuggling are seized in the port of Navegantes, SC

Foto: Bianca Ingletto - RBS/TV

Two containers were opened this Friday (23) at the port of Navegantes, in the northern coast of Santa Catarina, with about 19 tons of smuggled products in each one, according to the Internal Revenue Service - IRS. The products had been declared as salt and silica gel, but it contained watches, toys, and electronics. According to Internal Revenue Service, there were no arrests. IRS will not reveal information about the owner of the merchandise, but say they has identified the importers. In two months, the IRS has seized 75 tons of smuggled merchandise. In May, 18 tons were seized at the Port of Itajaí, in a cargo similarly declared as salt. After that seizure, the tactics the criminal group uses were identified and another cargo was seized last week.

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