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Federal Revenue carries out Operation Abdalla in São Paulo

AThe Federal Revenue, acting with the Municipal Department of Urban/Security/Metropolitan Civil Guard of São Paulo, carried out, on Monday morning, July 17, the Operation Abdalla. The target of the operation is to investigate denounce of storage of irregular goods in a building located at the central zone of São Paulo. Located close to 25 de Março Street, the building, formerly residential, has its apartments turned into commercial establishments, mostly goods storages. It is estimated the seizure of about 30 tons of goods, evaluated in nearly R$ 3 million. The arrested goods, mostly toys, have no documents that prove the regular import, besides presenting traces of counterfeiting. Besides that, it was identified a situation that seems to be as a slavery-like labor, being the responsible forwarded to the Civil Police, which has arrested in the act and filed criminal inquiry. The work of removal of the goods may continue in the next days. The fake items will be forwarded to the deposits of the Federal Revenue and, later, destroyed. Fake toys may represent hazards to the population’s health, for that is usual the usage of toxic raw material on its manufacturing.

Source: IDG - Receita Federal

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