Fight against Smuggling State Day

The Group of Protection to the Brand - BPG took part, in this Thursday, August 03, in an assembly to set the Fight against Smuggling State Day, provided for the Movement in Defense of the Legal Brazilian Market, coalition formed by circa 70 entities representing sectors affected by the illegality in Brazil. During the event, it has been disclosed an inspection about the impacts of the smuggling to the state, that, among other data, appoints that between January and June 2017, the smuggling has caused about R$ 5 billion of prejudice to the funds of the states. The president of the Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics (ETCO), Edson Vismona, the chief of the Federal Police, Carlos Eduardo Pellegrini, the chief of the Division of Repression of the Federal Revenue in São Paulo, Alan Towersey, and the superintendent of the Federal Highway Police, Valmir Cordelli.

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