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Custom of Itajaí Port seizes 24 tons of fake products

The federal Revenue Custom in the Itajaí Port/SC seized, on Friday afternoon, August 4th, in a Terminal in Navegantes/SC Port nearly 24 tons of goods with false statement of content The goods, imported from Hong Kong and declared by the importer as silica gel, were selected for physical inspection with the use of tools of analysis of risks, furthering the work started after recent seizure of fake products, seized with false statement of content. The physical inspection for the load by the federal Revenue resulted in the determinations of the false statement of content and the location of counterfeits products with famous trademarks watches, glasses and devices for cell phones, electronic equipment and on the irregular products, even unhealthy ones. The load has a whole weight of about 24 tons of goods. The Federal Revenue is finalizing the quantification of the goods and the determination of the total value thereof, but the previous estimated value is about 4 million dollars. The responsible ones may have their companies impeded to operate; their licenses suspended and will also respond for the crime of smuggling, whose penalty may range between 4 and 10 years of prison, when practiced with maritime modal.

Source: IDG

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