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Federal Revenue carried out Operation Pseudópodes II in São Paulo

In this Monday morning, August 7, the Federal Revenue carried out the Operation Pseudópodes II, in Brás whereabouts, a popular zone of trade in the capital of São Paulo. The Operation Pseudópodes II searches to fight against smuggling, the duty evasion and the trade of counterfeited shoes of several brands. The operation estimates to result in an arrest of nearly eight trucks containing 96 thousands pairs of shoes valuing about R$ 7.7 million in goods. The name of the operation refers to the Operation Pseudópodes carried out, in April of the current year, also in Brás whereabouts. On that operation, about 150 thousand pairs of shoes, evaluated in about R$ 8.5 million. The term pseudópodes [pseudopods], which gives name to the operation, comes from the Greek and means fake feet. It is used on Biology and refers to structures utilized to locomotion and breeding of protozoans and leukocytes. The operation is placed with the Municipality of São Paulo and the Metropolitan Civil guard and inspects nine wholesaling and retailing establishments. Seven individuals were conducted to the federal Police, to file a criminal proceeding. Besides that, the stores inspected will be sealed by the Municipality. The operation may continue until Wednesday.

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