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Seminar: “Counterfeit and Piracy in Fashion: What are the Differences and Effects in Practice?”

The Brand Protection Group – BPG participated, on August 24th, in the Seminar “Counterfeit and Piracy in Fashion: What are the Differences and Effects in Practice?”, theme of the 113rd meeting of the Permanent Forum of Business Law School of Magistracy of the State of Rio de Janeiro (EMERJ). The prosecutor Flávia Romano de Rezende, member of the Forum, opened the meeting that was attended by jurists, entrepreneurs and specialists in Fashion Law.

Among other topics, the seminar talked about the experience of companies suffering from counterfeiting and piracy and discussed ways to protect the fashion industry.

The seminar attendees were: Deborah Portilho, attorney and president of the Fashion Law Commission of OAB / RJ, the prosecutor Márcio Almeida; the president of the Regulation Committee of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property, Fabiano de Bem da Rocha; the manager of Lacoste in Brazil, Maria Tereza Rodenburg; the Legal Adviser of the Brand Protection Group - Luiz Claudio Garé; the president of the Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics, Edson Vismona; the president of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association, Maria Carmen Brito; the president of the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property Agents, Ricardo Pinho; the president of the Intellectual Property and Piracy Commission of OAB / RJ, Paulo Parente; and the chairman of the Committee on Copyright, Intangible and Entertainment, Sydnei Sanches.

Source: EMERJ

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