Revenue seizes tons of illegal products from China, in Paranaguá Port

Federal Revenue has seized 13 containers with tons of illegal products from China, in the Paranaguá Port Paraná coast, on this Monday (7th). The final destination was the Itaguaí Port, in Rio de Janeiro, according to the fiscal agents. According to the Revenue, it is the biggest seizure of fake products in the history of Paraná’s customs. Among the main seized good are clothes, toys and electronic devices. According to the Revenue, it relates to fake goods or with false statements of content, when the appointed in the documents do not correspond to the imported items. Until 3:30 pm, the counting of the products has not been concluded yet. In some containers, for example, the good was declared as bags and backpacks, but, after inspection, tons of clothes (dresses, blouses, coats etc.) were verified. In other cases, the statement was for batteries for cell phones, when, in fact, it should mean complete cell phones. In the cases of false statements of content, million toys non-declared and fake products were found, without the due license by Inmetro. According to the Revenue, this may harm the final consumer, reasoning the low quality and the absence of control over the material used on its manufacturing. The fake goods will be destroyed after the lawsuit, according to the fiscal agents. The other goods will be forwarded to donations or biddings. The responsible ones will respond for the crime of smuggling.

Source: G1