Mall is closed in 25 de Março Street during operations against irregular trade

Shopping 25 de Março Mall, in São Paulo downtown, was closed this Monday morning (11st) during an operation coordinated by the Federal Revenue and the São Paulo City Hall, against irregular trade. The operation “September” aims to combat irregular trade operations derived from smuggling and counterfeiting.

The Secretary of the regional City Hall, Bruno Covas, informed that the mall, located at 25 de Março Street, is a “emblematic location for the sale of counterfeited products” and that the government will avert the irregular operations in the area. “The City Hall is going to wall the location since today We have revoked its operating license”, he said. The place was banned this morning with the support of the Metropolitan Civil Guard.

Bruno Covas estimates that 800 tons of irregular goods will be seized of 900 stores within the next few days, totaling R$300 million. Computers have also been seized through which the government intends to identify the owners of the irregular stores.

The Federal Revenue says that, in addition to fiscal issues, irregular trades produce other crimes such as money laundering, corruption, slavery-like-labor and even public health damage. Another negative aspect, according to the Federal Revenue, is the disloyal competition.

Thorough out the operation, employees of Shopping 25 de Março mall were looking forward to news worried about losing their jobs.

The operation was attended by the Federal Public Ministry.