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BPG participates in the launch of the “Legality Movement”

The Movement in Defense of the Brazilian Legal Market, coordinated by the Brazilian Institute of Competitive Ethics (ETCO) and the National Forum for Combating Piracy (FNCP), supported by more than 70 associations, among them the Brand Protection Group – BPG, in collaboration with São Paulo City Hall, state and federal governments and the Federal Revenue, launched on Thursday the "Legality Movement", a program to combat smuggling in São Paulo.

The new program aims to reduce the loss to industries and, consequently, to the municipally, with illegal trade. With the "Legality Movement", the City Hall promises, in addition to mapping and restrain piracy with operations with the Federal Revenue and security agencies, to reduce bureaucracy and facilitating the life of those who think about undertaking in the city. One of the measures is the reduction of the time for companies opening.

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