São Paulo City Hall closes Galeria Florêncio due to illegal trade and piracy, in São Paulo downtown

The City Hall of São Paulo walled Galeria Florêncio entrance, in São Paulo downtown, according to the TV news Bom Dia São Paulo presented this Friday (22nd). As well as Shopping 25 de Março Mall, the place is also a target of the operation to combat illegal trades.

The officials of São Paulo City Hall welded the doors and walled the gallery entrance. According to the Federal Revenue, 93 of the 95 stores were selling pirated products.

The building of Galeria Florêncio belongs to the same company that owns the property where 25 de Março Mall operates.

The officials found also a secret path to connect both buildings.

At the 25 de Março Mall, the Federal Revenue audited 334 of the 900 stores. The Revenue intends to finish the operation until September 29th.