Counterfeit Footwear and Fiscal evasion are operation targets in Nova Serrana; companies in Divinópo

An operation was carried out this Tuesday morning (7th) to inspect the forgery of footwear and also fiscal evasion in Nova Serrana. The operation is being called “Foot Down” and also investigates if companies in Divinópolis are involved in the scheme that probably have caused a millionaire loss. The action is already ongoing.

According to the Prosecutors Office of Minas Gerais (MPMG), the operation intends to dismantle the counterfeiting of footwear – which is the falsification of goods in order to deceive the authenticity, and also fiscal evasion practiced by companies.

Around 16 search and seizure orders will be executed by the Criminal Court of Nova Serrana. It is estimated that losses not only to citizens – due to brands forgery – but also to the government, due to the lack of payment of the Circulation of Goods and Services Tax (ICMS) have been caused by those illegal practices.

As stated by investigations, the companies were organized as commercial representatives to deceive the State inspection, but they were operating illicitly and promoting the sales of counterfeit products and also authentic, without fiscal documents. It is also suspected that there is a practice of money laundering as a way of hiding their real income, with credit card machines registered on behalf of third parties.

The operation had the support of three Prosecutors, 38 State Revenue officials and 70 military policemen. The action is ongoing and a partial result has not been divulged yet.