PRF seizes five trucks with smuggled cigarettes valued at R$ 13,5 million

Unusual activities at a gas station parking lot led police officers to discover the convoy.

The Federal Highway Police (PRF) seized this Saturday morning (3rd), on BR-163, a convoy with 5 trucks loaded with smuggled cigarettes from Paraguay. The load, with about 5.400 boxes of the product, is valued at R$ 13,5 million.

According to the PRF, a unit team was on the highway when they noticed an unusual movement at a gas station parking space. By approaching one of the trucks, the foreigner cigarette was found. Due to this fact, the police started a detailed verification and found smuggling in four other trucks.

Four of the five drives were arrested in the of them managed to escape but let his documents in the vehicle cab. One of the men had a release permit issued in January this years after being also arrested for the same crime.

According to the drivers, the convoy left Eldorado and would deliver the goods in Campo Grande. The trucks, the arrested men and the cigarettes load were sent to the Federal Police in Naviraí. For the suspect who had escaped, an arrest warrant was issued.