Cigarette load valuated at about R$ 2 million is seized

The driver said he was carrying soy, but when the tarp was removed the police found about 450,000 packs of cigarettes.

A double truck loaded with smuggled cigarettes was seized by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) on Saturday morning on BR-277, in Cascavel, western Paraná. A 34-year-old man was arrested.

According to PRF, during the inspection the driver presented the documentation of the truck and also an Invoice regarding the soy that he was transporting. However, when raising the protective tarp, the PRF agents realized that there were no grains but a large number of smuggled cigarettes from Paraguay.

The estimate is that about 450 thousand packets have been seized. The cargo was valuated at approximately R$ 2 million.

The driver confessed that he took the products in Toledo and would take them to Campo Mourão, both cities of the interior of Paraná. The man and the load were taken to the Federal Police of Cascavel.