Police seize three tons of counterfeit products in “militia minishopping” in Rio downtown

Only one suspected was taken to the police station. He said he was a military firefighter. According to the police, the investigations are under way.

Three tons of counterfeit goods were seized by the Civil Police, on Friday morning (11) , in Rio de Janeiro downtown. A suspect identified as Maurilio dos Dantos Murta, who said he was a military firefighter, was taken to the police station.

According to delegate Maurício Demetrio, from DRCPIM - Delegacy of Repression to Crimes against Immaterial Property, the raid was the result of investigations into a group of militiamen trying to establish themselves in a minishopping of counterfeit products in the Uruguaiana camelódromo region.

The clothes racks were disposed such as those set up in malls. The police found clothing (women's, men's and children's), dozens of pairs of sneakers and other counterfeit goods. Still according to the police, the investigations to restrain the operation of the militia in the commerce of illegal products will continue.

Source: Globo.com