Federal Police seizes 11 double trucks with R$ 33 million in cigarettes from Paraguay

Case of such proportions occurred for the last time in 2010

Eleven trucks carrying around R$ 33 million in smuggled cigarettes were seized by the Federal Police this weekend at MS-141 in Ivinhema. Nine drivers were arrested. This was the largest seizure in recent years. Last record like this occurred in 2010 when 15 trucks were seized with foreign cigarettes.

According to police, the seizure was at MS-141, Invinhema municipality, during an enforcement action. The nine drivers caught were taken to the Federal Police Station of Naviraí, where they were charged for the crimes of smuggling and criminal organization, according to Article 2 of Law 12,850.

Initial estimations indicate that each truck was loaded with approximately 1 million packs of foreign cigarettes and the entire cargo was valued at around R $ 33 million.

Source: http://www.capitalnews.com.br/policia/em-apreensao-recorde-nove-motoristas-sao-presos-e-apreendidos-r-33-milhoes-em-cigarros/318011