Police seize counterfeit products during operation in Recife downtown

According to the agents, it was possible to fill 400 trash bags with the seized material this Tuesday (26th).

Civil Police carried out this Tuesday an operation against sale of counterfeit products in stores in Recife downtown. The agents seized clothing, bags, timepieces and shoes that were fakes of famous brands and filled about 400 trash bags, according to the police.

The operation, led by the delegate Antônio Guerra, began around 9 am on Rua das Calçada, one of the most popular shopping centers in the state capital of Pernambuco. According to police, a month ago, representatives of famous brands complained about counterfeiting, which triggered the action.

The first stop of the operation was in a gallery. The agents went to three stores and found the goods. The material was taken to the Crime Prevention Office of Intangible Property (Deprim), downtown. According to the delegate, the products will go through examinatio to prove the forgery. "Those responsible will respond for the crimes as soon as we have the information confirmed" said Guerra.

Source: https://g1.globo.com/pe/pernambuco/noticia/policia-faz-operacao-e-apreende-produtos-piratas-no-centro-do-recife.ghtml